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The 2019 UPPAbaby Vista


UPPAbaby sure has stepped up its game with the fabric choices on the 2019 Vista strollers. New this year are Spencer, William and Bryce!


Spencer, a yellow tartan plaid


William, a chambray blue oxford


Bryce, a white and grey marl. 

All three colours are expected to arrive in stores by end of March 2019.

Big Changes: 

Both William and Bryce come with a uniform bassinet, which feature the matching colours on both the standard canopy, boot cover, and now – new this year – around the bottom of the bassinet too! Finally! The only downside we can see to this is that it would be more difficult to keep these versions clean, since the colour is a lot lighter and bassinets inherently get placed on the floor more often than any other part of your stroller. Nevertheless, customers seem to be happy with this advancement. 




Another change comes in the form of the way the logo is attached to the canopies. In the 2018 versions and older, the logo was printed directly onto the fabric.

uppababy loic


For the new 2019 colours, the logo will be adhered to a small leather tab on the sun-canopy, giving the stroller a more sleek and understated look.

Many of the 2018 colours will continue into 2019, including:

  • Henry Blue Marl
  • Gregory Blue Melange
  • Emmett Green Melange
  • Jake Black
  • Jordan Charcoal Melange

The following colours are going to be discontinued in 2018, so if you have had your heart set on one of these you better scoop them up now before they’re gone!

  • Taylor Indigo Blue
  • Loic White
  • Denny Red


There are no real functional differences between the 2018 and 2019 models.

2019 UPPABABY Vista Price VS 2018 UPPAbaby Vista Price

The starting price on all of the current colours will remain the same for 2019 Vistas, but the new colours will be slightly higher at

  • Bryce White Marl: $959.99 USD
  • Spenser Plaid: $959.99 USD
  • William Chambray Blue: $959.99 USD

Two colours of the VISTA will remain above the starting price due to their material composition:

Henry Blue Marl $929.99 USD

Jake Black: $929.99 USD

The reason for this is due to the luggage quality material of the BLUE Marl and the black frame with the Jake.

The remaining colours will be priced the same as their 2018 counterparts, at $899.99 USD.

The difference between BRYCE and LOIC

UPPAbaby’s 2018 colour, LOIC, turned heads. It’s clean and sleek look radiated luxury, but – unsurprisingly – was known to be particularly hard to care for. As such, UPPAbaby discontinued it. In its place, UPPAbaby has released Bryce: a slightly darker, more forgiving, grey-white. As a white marl, Bryce has hints of silver that almost make it sparkle, and because of this it does a much better job of hiding the inevitable grime your little ones will leave behind.

Additionally, the Bryce model comes with darker chestnut coloured leather accents instead of Loic's Saddle brown.

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