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UPPAbaby Vista Rumble Seat Hack - Cruz Seat on a Vista Frame

One of the biggest complaints we hear about the UPPAbaby Vista stroller is that the rumble seat is not only smaller than the toddler seat, but that it is also not as adjustable. Well folks, we have a solution for you: the Cruz seat. It is about the same size as the Vista toddler seat, and just as adjustable, so you can make up for the downfalls of the rumble. Let’s take a look at the technical specs, shall we?

Cruz seat on vista frame - rumble seat hack - uppababy vista hack

Size Comparison between the Cruz Seat and the Vista Toddler and Rumble Seats
Cruz Seat:                               Vista Rumble Seat                 Vista Toddler Seat 
30.48 cm wide by                    30.48cm wide                         30.48cm wide
24.1 cm deep                           20.59cm deep                        24.13 deep
53.3-58.4 cm tall                      43.18-50.8cm tall                   53.34-58.42cm

As you can see, the dimensions of the Cruz and Vista are very similar, where-as the rumble seat is quite a bit smaller. This difference means that taller toddlers will likely feel uncomfortable in the rumble seat, and they will not be able to put their feet up since the foot rest on the rumble is barely adjustable at all.

All you need to attach a Cruz to your vista is a Cruz seat frame, and seat fabric and canopy fabric, and the lower adapters (NOT the rumble adapters, but the lower adapters used for attaching a carseat or bassinet). All of these components can be ordered directly through UPPAbaby, or through us.

Some of you might be wondering if you could use a Vista toddler seat in place of the rumble: the answer is no, you cannot. The connection points on the toddler seat and the lower adapters/rumble adapters are different, meaning you cannot put your Toddler seat in the lower position or your rumble seat in the upper position. The Cruz frame, however, is compatible with the lower connectors, and can therefore be used in place of the rumble seat/bassinet/carseat. And since the Cruz seat frame and the Vista seat frame are so similar in size, you’d also have no problem putting Vista fabric onto your Cruz frame. Winner winner chicken dinner!

We hope this helps some of you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. And we would love to see some of your Vista Hacks!






  • Can you use vista seat on Cruz frame?

  • What model years does this work for? I have a 2015 Vista and am looking into getting a rumble seat for it now that I have a second babe. Would I need to use a 2015 model of the Cruz seat for this hack?


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