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The Midway - Medium Cleaning and Tune Up

The Midway - Medium Cleaning and Tune Up

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Stroller and Car Seat Cleaning

Give us your worst. From ground in Cheerios to everyday accidents, we’re here to help you restore your baby gear to it’s former glory. Whether you need a basic cleaning or a full workup, we’ve got a plan for you. All of our services come backed with a full satisfaction guarantee: if you’re not happy with our work, let us know within 48 hours and we will make it right!

The Midway - Medium Level Cleaning and Tune Up

We recommend this package if it has been less than six months since your last Sudz cleaning, and/or you don’t have any major staining, rust, or seizing. With this package your stroller will be fully cleaned and disinfected both by hand and with our commercial steamers. It will receive a medium stain treatment (up to three times), and a full tune-up.

Car seats/Bassinets/High Chairs: $40

Single Strollers: $70

Double Strollers: $90

Single Stroller and a Carseat $120

Double Stroller and Carseat: $140

Mold treatments available for:
$30 Single strollers, carseats, bassinets and highchairs
$50 Double strollers, chariots, and mattresses