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About Us

Meet the owner: 

Sudzybuggy was born when the owner and founder purchased yet another expensive stroller that just did not last. Frustrated with the lack of support from brands, Josie turned to her love for bicycle repair to aid her in the need for a similar service for baby-gear. 

In 2015 she launched Sudzybuggy with the goal of making purchasing and maintaining baby gear as pleasant and efficient as humanly possible (emphasis on the 'human' part!). We're all parents here and we know, acutely, just how challenging (and wonderful) it can be.

Sudzybuggy is now owned and operated exclusively by Moms. We have teams across Canada, with services available in Toronto, Ottawa, and Halifax. We are strongly committed to empowering women through entrepreneurialism, and are constantly searching for new talent to add to our team. 

Our goal is to help you find and maintain your strollers, carseats, and other gear, so that future generations can continue to enjoy them again and again. We are champions for sustainability, using only eco-friendly products and processes. 

 Some quick facts:

  • We have repaired and serviced 1000’s of strollers
  • Lab tests prove our Full Service kills up to 99.9% of bacteria
  • We have more than 2000 spare parts in stock
  • We offer services to customers in Ottawa, Ontario; Toronto, Ontario and  Halifax, Nova Scotia. 
  • For service outside of the above areas, we offer Canada Post pick-up and drop off to your home, with detailed instructions on how to get your buggy to us safely.


Our no.1 priority is safety and we help parents save money by providing honest unbiased expert advice.

We will treat you the way we would like to be treated – with honesty, fairness, and respect.

Our staff is committed to providing you with the very best we can.

We work to the highest standards because we believe there is nothing more important than the safety and comfort of your child.