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Condition Grades


Grade 1: Strollers under this category can be categorized as being in "excellent condition."  These strollers are used, and therefore still may have minor signs or wear, but are about as close to new as preowned can get! 

2: Strollers under this category are all in "good condition." These strollers will have seen some use, and show signs of wear such as very minor fading, one - three faint stains, some scratches to the frame, minor rust and some damage to the basket. All such damage will be accounted for in the price. These strollers are for parents looking to save big on a stroller that they plan on using heavily anyway, and therefore don't mind the condition. 
3: The third and final category contains strollers that are in "acceptable condition". We rarely have models available at this level, as we prefer to fix things up before reselling: however, some models, such as the Thule Chariots, are meant to take a beating and will therefore show their age. These are typically jogging, winter, and bike strollers that are somewhat tattered, but in perfect working condition. They are ideal for hard-working active parents who want a stroller that can take a beating and keep on to speak. 

We also sell Open Box strollers from time to time, which are typically goods returned by customers, inspected by the retailer, found to be in good working order, and then sold at a discount rather than being returned to the manufacturer. These items may be missing the original packaging, and may have slight damage such as shallow scratches.