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Sudzybuggy is the leading repair centre for consumer owned baby gear in Canada. We are also the service centre for strollers damaged in transit, and have partnerships with most of the major airlines. We have repaired thousands of strollers since our founding in 2015, from old style prams to modern day buggies. No mater what the repair, we can help!

Sudzybuggy is an authorized repair centre for most of the major brands, so you can rest assured that all of our work is being done according to industry standards and all parts are manufacturer supplied.

We are committed to sustainability, and believe that every stroller is worth saving. We use only high-quality, baby and eco safe products on our buggies. 

Not within the service areas? No problem: we offer discounted shipping rates within Canada. We can usually get your stroller to us for under $50, and can walk you through every step of the shipping process. We can also have Canada Post pick up your stroller directly from your door, so you don't even need to change out of your pjs. Score.


Tune Up $39.99 CAD

Our tune up service is perfect for keeping your buggy strollin’ in tip top condition! This service includes:

  • Tighten screws and bolts in chassis (where possible)
  • Disassemble (where possible), clean, lubricate and reassemble all moving mechanisms
  • Check tyre air pressure (and either top-up or release air as required).
  • Untwist harness straps, clean and lubricate (as permitted by manufacturers) harness buckles
  • Give the old girl a good vacuum and light wipe down.
  • If any parts need replacing, we will send you a quote for parts and you can make an informed decision

Wheel Tune Up: $19.99

  • Disassemble (where possible), clean, lubricate and reassemble axels
  • If any parts need replacing, we will send you a quote for parts and you can make an informed decision

Wheel Repair: 19.99-$49.99

  • Seized wheels are no joke, and here in Canada they are almost bound to happen at some time or another. Our wheel repair service will do it's best to get your current wheels up and running again
  • Disassemble axels, where possible, and replace ball bearings
  • Replace tubes and restore proper air pressure
  • Remove wheels that have seized to the stroller frame (price varies, please contact us)

Chassis Repair (cost varies):

  • Replace or repair snapped folding cables
  • Replace/repair damaged handlebar foam
  • Replace/repair broken folding clips

Fabric repairs and alterations (cost varies): 

  • Mend broken seams and tears
  • Colour correction on UV damaged strollers
  • Replace worn out snaps and buttons
  • Fabric shaving to renew the look of your stroller


Contact us at or give us a call at 613-804-7353 to get a quote for your repair.